Legislative Action


Photo Credit Russ Carmack


We are Pro-Life 365 Days a Year and encourage pro-lifers to engage in legislative action and to make a difference in their communities every day by helping women and their babies, in big and small ways, wherever they can. Together we will build that culture of hope, respect, and dignity for all!

You can make a difference by being familiar with who your government representatives are and how they vote in regards to life issues, especially abortion. Find your legislator and email or write to them today. Tell them your pro-life views and point out to them that you are an active voter.

When a crucial issue is up for vote, call them and ask them to vote for life. If they do, call or write a note to thank them. If they don’t, call and write a note to let them know you want them to represent your pro-life views.

Ask them to visit with you on the day of the March. Legislators are busy, so schedule with them at least 30 days in advance. On the day of the March, enjoy meeting your representative and expressing your thanks and concerns to them in person.

Become familiar with the committees that your representatives are serving on and ask them to represent your pro life views. Ask them to cease the funding of abortion and to stop using your tax dollars to support something that is abhorrent to you and is not good for our society.

Every action counts, the movement needs action and God sees your service to His most vulnerable.