What day is the Washington State March for Life?
The March for Life in Olympia is often on a different date from year to year, but is always within about the week of the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision, Roe vs. Wade, which decriminalized abortion.  The Roe vs. Wade anniversary is January 22, 1973.  The board of directors generally chooses a date that allows members of the Washington State delegation to attend the National March for Life in Washington, DC, which is always held on January 22, except when it falls on a weekend. The date for the 2023 March has not yet been determined.

Why do you hold the March for Life in Olympia?  Wouldn’t it be easier for people to make it on the weekend? The March for Life is meant to draw attention to the pro-life cause with our elected officials.  We always hold the March for Life on a day that we know legislators will be in-session and able to hear our message and speak to their constituents

Where do people gather to start the March?  What time?
People often start gathering at about 10:30 or 11 a.m. at the Winged Victory Monument on the Capitol campus.  We begin marching from that location at about 11:55 a.m., process a short distance and fill the Capitol steps.  (In case you need it, here is visitor info.) We begin the program on the Capitol steps at Noon.

What’s on the March for Life program?
While each event may vary a little year-to-year, you can expect that the program begins with a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.  Legislators with a Pro-Life message are invited to speak or be recognized during the program, and there is generally a very brief message from the March for Life organization.  We close with another prayer and invite marchers to visit their legislators following the rally.  The program generally lasts a little bit more than one hour.  The weather can be tough in January, so we try to keep people outside for as brief a time as possible.

What do people bring to the March for Life?
We invite marchers to include an image of a single red rose, the symbol of the Pro-Life movement in any signage they make for their visit.  Silk or faux roses are wonderful to bring. The Capitol discourages bringing live red roses as they can create a challenging mess to clean. Rose petals can make a big and costly mess. The oils and beautiful color in their petals can stain surfaces. Please be sure to properly dispose of fallen petals to help keep our Capitol lovely. Many people bring signs or placards to note where in the state they come from or the group they represent.  Other Pro-Life signs and messages are welcome, but we encourage people to avoid anything of a tremendously graphic nature as children and those who have had and regret their abortions are often present at the March.  We want this to be a powerful, positive and hopeful experience for all participants. All signs must be left outside.  The Capitol does not allow signs, sticks, etc., in legislative buildings.
We encourage people to wear warm clothing, scarves, hats, coats, etc.  It can be exceedingly cold, rainy, windy, snowy, the day of the March and we want all participants to stay as warm and dry as possible.

Does the March for Life organization supply transportation to the annual event?
The March for Life does not supply or organize any transportation to the event in Olympia. Many churches and organizations coordinate their own buses, vans or caravans.  The March for Life board likes to be made aware of the various groups organizing mass transit.  Knowing this information helps us direct those interested in attending but unable to drive to a transit source.  This also helps us publicly recognize the large groups during the program.

Who is in charge of the March for Life organization?
The Washington State March for Life is run by a dedicated Board of Directors, some of whom have been involved with the Pro-Life movement since before Roe vs. Wade, and some who are newer to the cause.  All the members of the board and those who volunteer with us are passionately committed to an end to abortion and a Culture of Life.  We are a non-profit organization and no one draws a salary for their year-round work on the March for Life and ongoing Pro-Life work.

How can I find out who my legislators are? 
This website is a great guide to finding your representatives. We encourage EVERY marcher to visit their legislators before or after the March. You can make advance appointments, which are always appreciated.

How can I help?
First and foremost – join us for the annual March for Life in Olympia.  Bring a friend…or a bus load of friends.  Our legislators need to see that a great many of their constituents are Pro-Life.  We are powerful in numbers.  Additionally,  the March for Life is run entirely on donations and any dollar amount, big or small, is greatly appreciated.


Donations can be sent to:
Washington State March for Life
P.O. Box 64275
University Place, WA 98464